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Orchestrate, Harmonize and Humanize your music easily with our products and forget bit-editing nightmare forever!
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Onyx Arranger: Get the most powerful MIDI processing sequencer for FREE!

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Style Enhancer: Get the most flexible MIDI processing arranger for FREE!

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Kaleidora is a collection of innovative iPhone games that combine visual stimulation with our own Audio Illusion Technology (AIT). In the game, various objects move in space, colliding with each other, forming beautiful animation as well as musical background. All this promotes Yogic Tranquility of the mind. Read More...
Visuoke 2.1

Visuoke 2.1

Visuoke is more than just a karaoke player; it automatically creates video for any MIDI song. Have a lot of fun singing your favorite karaoke songs with live action musicians playing for you! Read More...
JMT Orchestartor 2.1

JMT Orchestartor 2.1

Powerful MFX and VST auto-arranger plug-in for SONAR, Cubase/Nuendo and Finale. Make pro orchestration easily, staying in your favorite music host! Packed with 500 excellent free styles! Read More...
Onyx Arranger 2.1

Onyx Arranger 2.1

Free! Powerful arranger/sequencer with flexible real-time control for professional and amateur musicians. Get harmony sequence for your tune with a click of a mouse, make its pro orchestration with another, and humanize tracks with the final one! Packed with 500 excellent free styles! Read More...
Style Enhancer 4.0

Style Enhancer 4.0

Free! Humanizing sequencer with intelligent MIDI-data transformation and advanced online MIDI FX. Bring life to your tracks with its unique Modeler and have lots of fun tweaking MIDI tools, no matter if you are a MIDI amateur or a sophisticated gourmet. Read More...
JMT Sounds

JMT Sounds

High-quality Drum Loops and Asian Ethnic Sounds in acidized WAVs and SoundFonts for your project. Expand your sound palette and give your music more expression!
Can Swedish Ann sing in Swedish?
Two new Vocaloid voices: "Big Al" and "Sweet Ann"
Hear Virtual vocalist's first album NOW!
Performance Modeling technology can Enhance Yamaha Vocaloid!
Vocaloid's FIRST public performance!
Zero to Song in 60 seconds! Onyx Arranger video demo

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Visuoke 2.1!
New Vocaloid voices from PowerFX
Frankfurt Musik Messe 2007 Report
Visuoke 2.1 available now!
Drum Loops and Asian Ethnic Sounds available now!
15th Example: Autumn in Central Park
JMT Orchestrator 2.1 VST and Finale available now!
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