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Onyx Video Demo: Zero to Song in 60 seconds?
  Now a Reality!
When this slogan was first offered even JMT team didn't believe that it was possible to create something good sounding in a minute, simply because to listen to the result requires more time! However, Onyx Arranger 2.1 due to its 3 great features - Performance Modeling, Auto-Harmonizing and Musical Object Morphing really allows that. Look at this Onyx Arranger 2.1 video demo before downloading the trial version, and you will see how fast and effectively Onyx works, and how it can make your song in seconds!

Click here to download Onyx Arranger 2.1 video demo in .zip file:
Zero_to_Song_in_60_seconds.zip [20,3 Mb]

We tried to find some compromise between video/sound quality and file size, however it is still quite large. If its downloading is a problem for you, you can download complete soundtrack [2,84MB] in mp3 format and read the script below:


Jasmine Music Technology

Hi, I am Alexander Vishniakoff, and I am going to show you 3 great features of Onyx Arranger 2.1

Onyx Arranger 2.1 provides 3 unique features - Performance Modeling, Auto-Harmonizing and accompaniment generation, using Music Object Morphing technology that allows creating a well-done MIDI file in seconds. No matter what you want to make - a radio commercial, a studio background track or just a high quality MIDI file - Onyx Arranger is a means to do it fast and perfectly. And yes, to get final results you will need good sounding synthesizer devices.

I pre-opened a special Onyx Arranger "00 Empty Project", which already includes Orchestrator Style "They Dance Alone" - a texture of Sting's wonderful song which will be morphed by Onyx according to my harmony. All Main Tracks in this project already contain tuned MIDI FX Chains with Modelers, meant to "animate" or "humanize" my solos, played on a MIDI keyboard. To these ready tunes I will apply Onyx Harmonizer, to automatically generate Chord sequence.

Now I am ready to show you how a high-quality fragment is created in 60 seconds. Note the time!

 00:00  The first 4 measures in the project are selected and Loop mode is turned on. To record the flute tune in the first track I turn on the R button in the track and hit the Record button in the toolbar.

 08:24  The tune will be animated by MIDI FX Chain, and as soon as I stop recording process the controllers inserted by Modeler will be seen in the track.

 18:05  Now I am stopping the recording. Then I select next four measures, turn on the R button in the second track, set the pointer to the beginning of the loop, hit the Record button in the toolbar and record my guitar solo.

 31:26  Like the flute, the guitar will be animated by MIDI FX Chain, and as soon as I stop recording process the controllers inserted by Modeler will be seen in the track.

 41:19  I am stopping the recording. Then I select all 8 measures and both my tracks, to do the harmonizing.

 47:10  I am starting playback and calling the Harmonizer.

 50:20  The Harmonizer first finds chords for my tracks, using its default preset, but I select "07 Minor-Major PopJazz" preset to get more sophisticated harmony.

 59:99  You can see that now Orchestrator Style "They Dance Alone" generates all tracks and the job is done!

You saw and heard as I performed a little show demonstrating 3 great features of the program. You know that it's not speed that counts in every composer's and arranger's work, but quality. Well, try Onyx Arranger 2.1 - a powerful, flexible and intelligent real-time tool giving you a wide range of control parameters in creating high-quality music. Enjoy!

Files used for the demo creating:
00_Empty_Project.opr [120 KB]
00_Empty_Project_-_Result.mp3 [302 KB]

The songs used for background:
Cm7 Mood.mp3 [2,33 MB]
Let's Jam a Jazz.mp3 [1,57 MB]
Zero to Energy.mp3 [2,83 MB]

All sounding examples were created using Onyx Arranger 2.1 and recorded with KORG Triton and Yamaha MU100 synth modules in GM mode, to avoid overshadowing the Onyx-generated texture by rich non-GM voices.

Script, music examples, keyboard playing and video producing by Leonid Rikh.
Voice recording by Alexander Vishniakoff.