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Onyx Arranger 2.1Free!
Watch the Onyx Arranger 2.1 Demo on YouTube:

  What is Onyx Arranger?

Onyx Arranger 2.1
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  It's a powerful sequencer whose three main functions: Harmonizing, Auto Arrangement and Humanizing will enable you to create a full song simply and easily. Get harmony sequence for your tune with a click of a mouse, make its pro orchestration with another, and humanize tracks with the final one!


  Apply a Style or Create Your Own
Orchestrator Styles (up to 10 tracks and 16 measure length) are used to generate a song accompaniment following any chord progression (up to 100 chord types and 1/8 note step), even in a different meter. You may use as many OOStyles per song as you want. You can also easily convert any MIDI file into Onyx style.

Orchestrator can give you different ways to generate your accompaniment:

  • by defining measures for playing from a full-length style,
  • by flexible fill inserting,
  • by using chord inversion and choosing Morphing modes, independent for every track

Also you can add MIDI FX for every accompaniment track.

The software is packed with skillfully humanized Onyx Orchestrator Styles, preserving all original performance nuances of famous world hits in all musical genres.


  Dress Up Your Melody in Harmony
Onyx intelligent Harmonizer will automatically recognize the Key and Scale of your tune and calculate chord progressions for it in various manners. Any previously saved Chord Progression can be reopened in a different Meter.


  Advanced FX Possibility
You can apply various Onyx's MIDI FX to edit your data. You can also build FX chains for each track, taking a big step from note by note editing to non-destructive data transformation.


  Breathe Life Into Your Tracks!
FX Set includes Modeler, allowing you animate your tracks easily and fast, using PM algorithms that add performance nuances through Pitch, Expression, Modulation etc., freeing you from the necessity to do it manually. Onyx package includes a lot of PM Styles for different musical instruments and manners.

You could connect Onyx Arranger to a Soft Synth using MIDIMatrix, which you get for free when buying Onyx Arranger.

Learn more about the technologies used in creating Onyx Arranger: Harmonizing, Musical Object Morphing, Performance Modeling.