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Performance Modeling technology can Enhance Yamaha Vocaloid!

14th Example: Three Singers Together
October, 22, 2004.


This example "In The Darkness" is created using all Vocaloid band - LEON, LOLA and MIRIAM. They all have bright personal characters due to their initial nature and PM algorithms applied: LEON, LOLA in Part 2 and MIRIAM in Part 3. LOLA demonstrates quite traditional singing, something in-between classical and pop manners, but LEON and MIRIAM were forced to do very wide pitch motions, which distorted their usual sounding, moreover, LEON was moved down lower than his (or should we say "its"?) normal range. Melismas technique was not used here.

For LEON, LOLA and MIRIAM tunes PMStyles have calculated:

  • Velocity changes
  • Auto phrasing
  • Harmonics curve
  • Extra Pitch Bend gliding (for LEON and MIRIAM only)
  • Parameters of "Vibrato Objects" (for LOLA only)
  • Noise curve

No manual editing at all!

To analyze the result yourself you can take the following files in mp3 and *.mid format:

In_The_Darkness_(voices_and_background).mp3 [2,54 MB]
In_The_Darkness_(LEON).mp3 [691 KB]
In_The_Darkness_(LOLA).mp3 [748 KB]
In_The_Darkness_(MIRIAM).mp3 [689 KB]

In_The_Darkness_YV_(LEON)_data_file.mid [68 KB]
In_The_Darkness_YV_(LOLA)_data_file.mid [41 KB]
In_The_Darkness_YV_(MIRIAM)_data_file.mid [46 KB]

ALL (3) Vocaloid MIDI files in ZIP

Demo Song details:
Music - A.Ustinov
Lyrics - A.Yakovlev

In The Darkness

Part 2: LEON and LOLA

Time runs away
Night follows day
People in masks
City of Glass
I can't escape
Screaming landscape
Circle of flame
No one to blame

Part 3: MIRIAM

So many questions unanswered
The eyes are bright the dark shed
The devil laughs in his kingdom
The souls are looking for freedom
Apologetic reflection
Another new resurrection
I try to look but I don't see
Is someone standing behind me?