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What you can do with Style Enhancer 4.0
  General Features and Editing
  • Record, Playback MIDI data.
  • Edit MIDI data using Piano-Roll, Event List and real-time MIDI Processing tools.
  • Visualize MIDI events in different modes of drawing, as well as initial and processed data.
  • Use independent Mute, Solo, Channel, Patch, Port, Bank settings and more for each track.
  • Control track properties, Instrument Definitions, MIDI FX assigning, Volume, Pan, and other MIDI controllers Envelopes.
  • Save/Open song in *.mid, *.sep (SE4.0 Project) and *.stp (Template) formats.


  • Harmonize your tune or imported MIDI file.
  • Use different styles of Harmonization.
  • Use AutoSearch of Best Chord Progressions.
  • Control the process using objective quality estimation.

Scale / Chord system

  • Create, Edit, Save Chord Progressions in different Meters.
  • Load Chord Progressions of one meter in a song with a different meter.
  • Use 5 Scales and more than 100 Chord types for arranging.
  • Transpose Keys and Chords of any part of Chord Progression independently.
  • Use Associated, Inverted or Limited sets of chords automatically created for the current Key/Scale.
  • Use automatic color indications of Key/Scale - Chord relation, if you like.
  • Use # and b type of chords showing.


  • Render any measures and different Bass/Chord tracks combination of Chord Audition tool into tracks.

MIDI Processing

  • Create any kind of MIDI FX Chain using FX.
  • Save, Open MIDI FX Chain.

Additional options

  • Show playing notes and current chords in Keyboard view in different modes.
  • Show and edit current chords in zoom Chords Pane.
  • Audition current chords in different modes using Chord Audition tool.
  • Optimize controllers and parameters sending using Optimization settings.