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Style Enhancer 4.0 Basic PM Style Library

SE40 delivers with a basic library of 100 Styles. In this set there are Styles for emulation of solo playing for various musical instruments and various manners, for the generation of accompaniment and many others.

List of Styles

  • Accordion 01A 090P2'4G Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Banjo 01A 100P4'4G 16-th Rhythm Fill with Triplet Inserts (Notes to Pitch)
  • Banjo 02A 140P4'4G 16-th Rhythm Fill with 5-th Inserts (Notes to Pitch)
  • Bass 01A 100S4'4 Slap Intensive with Special Gliding
  • Bass 02A 100S4'4 Fretless Simple
  • Bass 05A 100S Solo Lyrical with Frets Gliding
  • Bass 07A 130S4'4G Generation 16-th Octave Fill
  • Bass 08A 100P4'4G Generation 16-th Fill from Chords (Notes to Pitch)
  • Bass 09A 130S4'4G Generation 8-th Fill (Notes to Pitch)
  • Bass 10A 130S4'4G Generation 8-th Octave Fill
  • Bass 11A 100S4'4G Generation Slap 8-th Fill (Notes to Pitch)
  • Bass 15A 100S4'4G Swing Chromatic 16-th Fill
  • Bass 19A 100S4'4 ''Heavy Work'' Low Gliding
  • Bass 29A 160P4'4G Generation Beat Line from Chords
  • Brass 01A 100P Chords Jazz Energy Breathy and Simple Solo
  • Brass 03A 100P Chords Jazz Accent Breathy and Simple Solo
  • Cello 01A 110S Solo Renaissance Manner
  • Clavinet-Bass 01A 090P4'4G Generation Rock 16-th Fill
  • Clavinet-Bass 03A 140P4'4G Generation Pop 8-th Fill
  • Confusing 01A 090SPG Crazy ''Singing'' Solo
  • Drums 01A 110PS4'4 Rock ' Pop GM Drums (#35-70)
  • Drums 02A 100PS3'4 Rock ' Pop GM Drums (#35-70)
  • Drums 03A 110PS4'4 Jazz-Rock GM Drums (#35-70)
  • Drums 04A 100PS3'4 Jazz-Rock GM Drums (#35-70)
  • Drums 05A 100P4'4G Generation Rock GM Drums (#35-69)
  • Drums 06A 150PS4'4 Dance GM Drums (#35-59)
  • Drums 07A 130SG 32nd Snare Fill (#38#40) from Melody Line
  • Drums 08A 110PS4'4G Enhancing & Smart Delay GM Set (#35-70)
  • Drums 10A 120PS4'4G Generation Dance & Smart Delay GM Set (#35-70)
  • Drums 11C 090PS4'4G Generation Ambient Fill & Smart Delay GM Set (#35-70)
  • Drums 12A 110PS3'4G Enhancing & Smart Delay for M3'4 GM Set (#35-70)
  • Female Singing 04A 090S Solo Legato Lyrical
  • Fiddle 01A 100S4'4 Solo Folk Simple
  • Fiddle 02A 110P4'4G Generation Folk Rhythm Fill
  • Flute 01A 110S Solo Lyrical Free
  • Flute 02A 090S Solo Exotic
  • Flute 03A 090S Solo Legato Wave Breathy
  • Flute 06A 110S Solo Original (Notes to Pitch)
  • FX 01A 080P4'4G ''SPACE'' Harp Stream Arpeggio
  • FX 03A 100SG ''JUMPING BALLS'' from Melody
  • FX 04A 120S XG Talking Box Line
  • Guitar 02A 090P4'4G Lyrical Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 03A 120PS4'4G Strumming and Simple Solo
  • Guitar 06A 085P4'4G 16-th Triplet Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 10A 200PS4'4G Strumming with Frets Gliding and Simple Solo
  • Guitar 11A 140P4'4G Lyrical Rhythm Fill with Triplet Inserts
  • Guitar 12A 120P4'4G Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 14A 110P4'4G Strumming Intensive
  • Guitar 15A 120P4'4G Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 16A 100P4'4G Lyrical Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 17A 150P4'4G Strumming Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 18A 110P3'4G Lyrical Ballad Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 19A 130P3'4G Strumming Intensive
  • Guitar 20A 100P4'4G Strumming with Frets Gliding
  • Guitar 22A 080P3'4G Spain Manner Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 23A 090P2'4G Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 30A 100P4'4G Pop'Country Ballad Fill
  • Guitar 59B 080P4'4G Masterly Light Ballad Fill
  • Guitar 61A 110SP Pop Solo Lyrical Simple and Chords
  • Guitar Acoustic 07A 100SP Solo Lyrical Traditional with Frets Gliding
  • Guitar Acoustic 08A 100SP Solo Lyrical with Frets Gliding
  • Guitar Acoustic 09A 090SG Solo Simple Lyrical Tremolo (Notes to Pitch)
  • Guitar Distortion 01A 100SP Solo Lyrical Bending
  • Guitar Distortion 03A 110S Solo Original Too Compressed
  • Guitar Distortion 04A 100SP Solo Simple and Chords with Frets Gliding
  • Guitar Distortion 05A 100SP Solo Simple and Chords
  • Guitar Distortion 06A 110S Solo Intensive Vibrato and Bending
  • Guitar Distortion 07A 090S Solo Slow Handle Attack
  • Guitar Jazz 01A 090SP Solo Lyrical Simple and Chords
  • Guitar Jazz 02A 085PS Solo Lyrical Simple and Chords
  • Harmonica 01A 100S Solo Breathy Lyrical
  • Harmonica 02A 100SG Solo Original Terz Tremolo with Pitch Gliding
  • Human Voice 01A 100S Solo Legato Free
  • Human Voice 02A 110S Solo Legato Exotic
  • Human Voice 03A 090S Solo Legato Simple
  • Human Voice 04A 100PS Chords Accent Back-Vocal
  • Organ 04A 120P4'4G Rock ''KOKORIN'' Chords Manner
  • Piano 07A 110P4'4G Pop ''ALEX'' Manner
  • Piano 11A 125P3'4G ''VIENNESE WALTZ'' Chords and Bass
  • Piano 16A 070P4'4G 32nd Arpeggio
  • Piano 26A 110P4'4G ''STORM'' 8-th triplet Arpeggio
  • Pizzicato 01A 100P3'4G Rhythm Fill
  • Pizzicato 07B 075P4'4G Pop Syncopated Fill
  • Sax 01A 100S Solo Legato Soft Attack
  • Sax 05A 075S Solo ''FAUSTO'' Sweet Legato Manner
  • Sax 08A 110S Solo Crying Non-Legato
  • Sax 12A 120P4'4G Generation Pop Riff from Chords
  • Strings 01A 090P Chord Slow Soft
  • Strings 02A 110P4'4G Classic Rhythm Fill from Chords
  • Strings 06A 100SP Chords Soft and Simple Solo
  • Synth 01A 110S Solo Legato Simple Handle Wheel
  • Synth 02A 110SP4'4G Generation Fast Pulsation
  • Synth 05A 120S4'4G Octave Random 16-th Pulsation from Line
  • Synth 06A 090P Synth Pad Gliding Chords
  • Trombone 01A 090S Solo Simple
  • Trumpet 01A 100S Solo Lyrical Free
  • Vibraphone 01A 090SG Solo Lyrical Tremolo
  • Vibraphone 03A 090SG Solo 32nd Octave Tremolo
  • Violin 01A 110SP Solo and Chords Traditional Simple
  • Z 01B Solo Transformation
  • Z 02A Clear Drums
  • Z 04A Global C5 (#60) Flip
  • Z 04B Global C5 (#60) Flip + 1 Octave Up
  • Z 04C Global C5 (#60) Flip + 1 Octave Down
  • Z 07C Swing on 16-th
  • Z 10A From Score to Maj or Min Chord of Dominant Key
  • Z 12A Random Value of Velocity
  • Z 14A Random Value of Start Time