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  YV Enhancer 1.0

YV Enhancer 1.0
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  YV Enhancer 1.0 (Yamaha Vocaloid Enhancer 1.0) is a special standalone software which uses unique Performance Modeling (PM) technology to produce a MIDI file controlling Yamaha Vocaloid. It serves to simplify achieving more realistic, and exotic as well, character of singing. It frees you from hard manual editing of Vocaloid parameters like Harmonics, Noise, Brightness, Resonances, "Vibrato" and "Attack" objects and more.

We can confidently say: most characters of Vocaloid singing are impossible to achieve without Performance Modeling. If you have any doubts, try to create something similar to our Vocaloid examples which were made during YV Enhancer 1.0 and special PMStyle development and take a look at the appropriate Yamaha Vocaloid *.mid files. Please note: all these curves were calculated in milliseconds! Of course, we clearly understand that all this is only the beginning, modeling of real singing is a very hard task, but we know which way we have to go.

Minimum system requirements:
500 Mhz processor, Windows-compatible sound card, 128 MB RAM, 30 MB hard-disk space for program installation, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP.

For now you can listen to MP3 examples which were created during Yamaha Vocaloid testing and YV Enhancer development. Their go in descending order.

8. Flying Girl [2,3MB]
7. The Phantom Of The Opera [1,87MB]
6. Please Touch Me Lola [1MB]
5. Summer-time [1,29MB]
4. Rising Star [2,4 MB]
3. You ask me [927 KB]
2. Internet Angel [1,06 MB]
1. Sad Mondays [2,49 Mb]

You can find more about these examples and about this direction of our work here.