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Basic scientific and methodological provisions


Comments by Alexei Ustinov, CTO Jasmine Music Technology

I would like to explain some basic scientific and methodological provisions in a simple manner for "big, natural skeptics", and probably, it will also be interesting to Vocaloid and other vocal synths users*:

1. "Type your words along your tune and you get excellent vocal track" is a bluff. It's impossible.

2. Traditional (acoustic) scheme of musical communication has a very big difference from electronic scheme. Please look:

"paper score" > "performer (a person)" > "instrument" >"real sound"


"electronic score (*.mid) > "sequencer" > "synth" > "real sound"

The first scheme has a performer that produces not only the score, but "expressive elements" as well, but the second one hasn't got such a component.

About your doubts. If you have the right vision of "an order of things" you are welcome to make any attempts to achieve result. BTW, the first airplane was by many considered useless, and the director of first big IBM computers company said that the demand for them won't be more than 5-6 machines a year, etc.

About our work. I didn't say that we know exactly how it will be done, but I said we know where we are going.

* As soon as I have more free time, I will try to make an English translation of the section of my monograph "Performance Modeling: Possibilities And Limitations", published in 2002 and based on my dissertation work.