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13th Example: Melismas via Notes instead of Pitch Sendings
October, 12, 2004.


New MIRIAM and LEON example is called "Short Romance". We have released the algorithms which are able to splite a long Note into a number of short notes to create pitch melisma instead of making it drawing the Pitch curve. Other features of the used PM style are quite simple.

For main MIRIAM and LEON tunes PMStyle have calculated:

  • Velocity changes
  • Auto phrasing
  • Harmonics curve
  • Pitch Bend gliding
  • Melismas using long note dividing
  • Parameters of "Vibrato Objects"
  • Noise curve

No manual editing at all!

To analyze the result yourself you can take the following files in mp3 and *.mid format:

Short_Romance_(voices_and_background).mp3 [3,09 MB]

Short_Romance_V1_&_R1_YV_(MIRIAM)_data_file.mid [74,9 KB]
Short_Romance_V2_&_R2_YV_(MIRIAM)_data_file.mid [76,9 KB]
Short_Romance_Coda_YV_(LEON)_data_file.mid [35,4 KB]

ALL (3) Vocaloid MIDI files in ZIP

Comments by Alexei Ustinov, CTO Jasmine Music Technology

Melismas were realized through splitting a long Note into a number of short notes that create pitch melisma. It gave more natural sounding, than we had in our previous examples, when we used drawing the Pitch curve. Such approach allows to reduce the size of YV File. The only inconvenience is that we also have to provide automatic correction of Lyrics and phoneme symbols, to enable YV render WAV file, with no need to correct Lyrics manually. By the way, thanks to Dom Keeffe's from Zero-G advice we now know how to program a melisma both in open and closed syllables, that method is never mentioned either in Vocaloid Tutorial or its Help file.

Now a story. I heard this song first time about 20 years ago in a boot camp after university graduation. It was sung by my friend Anatoly Chupakhin, and during all these years I was charmed by his singing and by the song itself! ... I found Anatoly a week ago to get correct lyrics and melody. It turned out that the author of this song is his brother Alexander, a very talented and prolific musician himself: It is supposed to be sung from a man's point of view, however in order to show MIRIAM library's possibilities I decided to convert it into a female one. So, now we can listen to MIRIAM singing in a very shy and modest manner (which is quite appropriate to the lyrics), but maybe in a bit elevated tessitura and ... quite convincing and natural singing from LEON. (We all know how hard that can be for him!)

I would like to express my profound thanks to Alexander and Anatoly Chupakhin for a touch of nostalgia and a chance to revisit my youth again while working on this song; to Olga Luneva for developing the base of melismas and creating a tune for LEON Coda; and to Alexei Yakovlev for his excellent English variant.

Demo Song details:
Music and Russian Lyrics - Alexander Chupakhin
English Lyrics - A.Yakovlev
Arrangement - A. Ustinov

Short Romance

Verse 1
You wake up early with the sun
That's when our short romance begun
I saw you walking in the tide
You smiled at me and I replied

Refrain 1
Leon, you are always on my mind
Leon, when I saw you I went blind

Verse 2
You gave me secret burning kiss
That magic moment I still miss
The sea was singing lovely tune
To you, to me and to the moon

Refrain 2
Leon, you are always on my mind
Leon, why is fortune so unkind?

Verse 3
But happiness is always short
What's home for you was my resort
You're cherished by the sun, I know
And I am in the Land of snow

Refrain 3
Leon, you are always on my mind
Leon, now I'm lonely, left behind

Oh baby! You took it so close to your heart.
I thought it was just a game...
But I will always remember you...