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10th Example: The basic set of melismas is growing
September, 08, 2004.


Our new example is called "Red Hair Girl". We continued the completion of the basic set of melismas, including the notes of length 1/16 and 1/32 with deviation within the range of two semi-tones higher and lower than the main note. Exactly this type of melismas is included in PMStyle that was used for processing this tune.

For the main tune and chorus PMStyle have calculated:

  • Velocity changes
  • Auto phrasing
  • Harmonics curve
  • Pitch Bend gliding and melismas
  • Parameters of "Vibrato Objects"
  • Noise curve

No manual editing at all!

To analyze the result yourself you can take the following files in mp3 and *.mid format:

Red_Hair_Girl_Full_(voice_and_background).mp3 [3,65MB]
Red_Hair_Girl_Short_(voice_and_background).mp3 [1,93MB]

Red_Hair_Girl_V1_&_R1_Yamaha_Vocaloid_(LEON)_data_file.mid [299KB]
Red_Hair_Girl_V2_Yamaha_Vocaloid_(LEON)_data_file.mid [178KB]

ALL (2) Vocaloid MIDI files in ZIP

Comments by Alexei Ustinov, CTO Jasmine Music Technology

Here, not unlike in the previous examples, where melismas were realized using pitch bend curves calculations, we can observe moments of unnatural, "synthetically" sounding Vocaloid, similar to those resulting from pitch shifting in real singing. At the same time Vocaloid's own expression elements - Attack and Vibrato objects, do not add such synthetic inflection, though pitch changes are also found there. The reason for this is in both Attack and Vibrato being complex objects, changing not only pitch bend, but other synthesis parameters as well. Thus, we should complicate melismas generation algorithms to compensate this undesired effect. Of course, it would be great to expand Vocaloid's expression elements library with melismas for imitating soul singing, when pitch bend deviations occur in the middle of a long note. Still, there should be much more of these expression elements than Attack and Vibrato types: rhythmic and tone-pitch variations of melismas, a huge number of them actually, and their use depends on rhythmic nature of the song and on the music scale used in it. So, even with such elements available, to choose the definite element and to tie it to the definite note is not a task so simple.

Demo Song details:
Music - A. Ustinov
Lyrics - A. Ustinov / A.Yakovlev
Arrangement - A. Ustinov

Red Hair Girl

Verse 1
You will, you will notice her at once
Red hair, blue eyes and so light is her step
Maybe, maybe she is not your girl
But you never will forget day when you saw her

Red Girl, Red Girl, Red Girl
I wish I met you, love
Way before now. Maybe
Red Girl, Red Girl, Red Girl
I knew your mystery
Way before now, Baby

Verse 2
If you see her, you will miss next time
And you'll find her beauty is so sublime
I don't, I don't know her secret yet
But her mystery of love you can't forget, no!