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Performance Modeling technology can Enhance Yamaha Vocaloid!

6th Example: LEON wants LOLA!
May, 31, 2004.


New example is called "Please Touch Me Lola". We now tried to achieve erotic intonations using LEON, expanding range of singing sounds to the maximum and giving the voice almost "noise-breathing" character. This example is also remarkable for not using any samples other than LEON, i.e. Bass Line and Drum sounds were produced by LEON. Apart from main melodic parts (high and low) this example also has two voices in medium and high register, performed with some shade of ethnic singing.

For all melodic parts (excluding Bass Line) PMStyles have calculated:

  • Velocity changes
  • Auto phrasing, legato and pauses
  • Harmonics curve
  • Pitch Wheel gliding
  • Parameters of "Vibrato Objects"
  • Noise curve
  • Resonance 03 Band Width and Amplitude curves
  • Resonance 04 Band Width and Amplitude curves

No manual editing at all!

To analyze the result yourself you can take the following files in mp3 and *.mid format:

Please Touch Me Lola.mp3 [1MB]

Ah, ah, ah (voice only).mp3
Back Tune 1 (voice only).mp3
Back Tune 2 (voice only).mp3
Bass Line (voice only).mp3
Bass Drum and Snare (voice only).mp3
High Tune (voice only).mp3
High-Hat (voice only).mp3
Low Tune (voice only).mp3

Ah, ah, ah - Yamaha Vocaloid (LEON) data file.mid
Back Tune 1 - Yamaha Vocaloid (LEON) data file.mid
Back Tune 2 - Yamaha Vocaloid (LEON) data file.mid
Bass Line - Yamaha Vocaloid (LEON) data file.mid
Drum Set (All) - Yamaha Vocaloid (LEON) data file.mid
High Tune - Yamaha Vocaloid (LEON) data file.mid
Low Tune - Yamaha Vocaloid (LEON) data file.mid

All (7) Vocaloid MIDI files in ZIP

High and Low main Tunes and "Drum sounds" were rendered using different Vocaloid settings (Unmarked parameters were not changed):

  Drum Set High Tune Low Tune
Gender Factor 88 80 50
Harmonics 44 80 105
Noise 88 80 125
Frequency 01 22 - -
Band Width 01 99 75 22
Amplitude 01 32 50 -
Frequency 02 22 - -
Band Width 02 - 75 22
Amplitude 02 32 50 -
Frequency 03 99 - -
Band Width 03 99 75 22
Amplitude 03 32 50 70
Frequency 04 99 - -
Band Width 04 99 75 22
Amplitude 04 32 50 70

Comments by Alexei Ustinov, CTO Jasmine Music Technology

Oh yeah, I'm sure that my students, especially girls, would have blushed after hearing this example! Well, it looks like we are moving in the right direction - with every new example more and more shades of sounding can be obtained from LEON, which means that when YV Enhancer is ready, any user will be able to adjust sounding within wide range, and all we will have to do is to concentrate on developing Vocaloid PMStyles.

For this example I have used Bass Line and "Ah ah ah" from Leonid Rikh's "XG Shamanism", because first "erotic" intonations were achieved by him in this song using usual GM/XG synths with PM as far back as in 1997. So, thanks, Leonid!

Demo Song details:
Music - L.Rikh / A. Ustinov
Lyrics - A.Ustinov / A.Yakovlev
Arrangement - A.Ustinov

Please Touch Me Lola

I want your love
I need you now
You are so warm
Please touch me touch

Oh, passion waves
Oh, tender love
Wild blue-green eyes
Are magic stuff
Ah - ah - ah
Ah - ah - ah
Ah ah ah ah Lola
Ah ah ah ah Lola
Please touch