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Performance Modeling technology can Enhance Yamaha Vocaloid!

4th Example: Manage me if you want me to sing!
May, 18, 2004.


Yes! A new step has been made in automatic adding of expression elements to Yamaha Vocaloid using Performance Modeling technology (PM).

Experimental version of Onyx Arranger and special PMStyle can now not only produce Velocity changes, Pitch Wheel gliding and common Vocaloid curves, but operate with native Vocaloid "Vibrato Objects", inserting accordingly to the initial tune Depth and Rate curves and Vibrato type commands. This example also includes a lot of calculated Pitch Wheel melismas, when long note is replaced by short notes gliding through steps of scale, which allows to achieve more realistic singing.

A reminder: PMStyle used for the 4th experiment, has calculated Velocity, Pitch Wheel, Noise, Harmonics, curves and parameters of Vocaloid "Vibrato Objects" automatically. No manual editing at all!

To analyze the result yourself you can take the following files in mp3 and *.mid format:

ALL (4) MIDI files in ZIP

Style Enhancer 4.0Notes:

  • Used PMStyle calculates a lot of Vocaloid controllers, you can look at a part of the processed tune on the SE40 Measure Pane.
  • PM Processed Tune contains only a part of calculated controllers that can be played back by usual GM Synth.

Comments by Alexei Ustinov, CTO Jasmine Music Technology

Well, I like this result much more than all the previous ones :-)

Now a plan of YV Enhancer 1.0 development is ready, and we hope to release the product in the beginning of July, 2004. In a couple of weeks we will ask Vocaloid users about some points regarding most popular Meters, Tempos, song characters, and also desirable YV Enhancer 1.0 screens and control panes, so that the product could be made more convenient to the user.

Demo Song details:
Tune author - R.Dattatreya
Lyrics - A.Ustinov / A.Yakovlev
Arrangement - A.Ustinov

Rising Star

Verse 1
You and I have secret and subtle affair
Even more unlike than between a night and a day
When you shine I am in my bed as I sleep
I wake up, you hide and I have a start of my trip

Can you help me so I can fly like a bird?
Can you show me why I was so very wrong?
Maybe, your high fly is just my wonderful dream
And my only way is to follow the stream

I will find something much more concrete than shine
Even if I'll spend lots of my efforts and my mind

Refrain 1
You for me are always as a Rising Star
You are real but only in a game of mind
Every day I lose you in the emptiness
Every night I am waiting for your silver rains

You are my dream
You are my pain
End of the night
Start of the day

You are so high
You are so far
Beautiful dream
My Rising Star