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3rd Example: Tweak, tweak and tweak!
May, 07, 2004.


Our new example is not a demo, if your definition of demo is "The best example that you have for showing other people" or just "the best work". It's the result of intermediate tweaking. But it demonstrates quite interestingly how Vocaloid can be controlled, producing something like Rap, Spoken Word, gliding, and other funny things. A reminder: for the example creation there were used special Modeler PMStyles in special Onyx Arranger version, and these styles have calculated Velocity, Pitch Wheel, Noise, Gender Factor, Harmonics and Brightness curves automatically. No manual editing at all!

To estimate the result yourself you can take the following file in mp3 format:

You_Ask_Me.mp3 [927 KB] (voices and background)

Comments by Alexei Ustinov, CTO Jasmine Music Technology

Now we can proudly say that all Vocaloid parameters have been tweaked by us in order to find the way to control them, and we are now close to choosing the concept of Vocaloid control. However, changing just one parameter at a time we cannot foresee which result will be achieved with changing several or all parameters simultaneously. This concerns not just Vocaloid but synthesizers in general. LEON seems to be capable of almost anything, one just needs the way to control it (or him? :)

Next week we will make our final decision about Volcoaid control concept and YV Enhancer development. I am looking forward to getting from our specialists at least the alpha version of new product, to gain complete and absolute freedom in controlling all parameters simultaneously and to avoid these cut and try experiments. This thing is quite able to sing and I am sure we can demonstrate it. As for now, I can call none of our examples real Demos - they are merely the results of experiments.