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  Full list of Visuoke musicians
Image Name Instrument / GM Patch Comment
A genuine Spanish virtuoso.
Acoustic Guitar Nylon (024)  
Juicy jazz solo and accompaniment.
Electric Guitar Jazz (026) Included in Basic version
Always true groove in any style.
Electric Bass Finger (033) Included in Basic version
Gentle and sensuous, vigorous when necessary.
Choir Aahs (052)  
All band's favorite talented solo and back vocalist.
Choir Aahs (052)  
A big jazz master and pop scene guest.
Alto Sax (065) Included in Basic version
A jazz-rock esthete and improvisator.
Tenor Sax (066)  
Warm and emotional flute solos.
Flute (073)  
Funny and lively keyboard parts.
Lead1 Square (080) Included in Basic version
Reserved and serious keyboard accompaniment.
Pad1 New Age (088)  
Never missed a beat in his life.
Basic Drum Set Included in Basic version
Ironic and responsive claps support.
Hand Claps  
Exotic rhythms from the heart of Africa.

You should understand that Visuoke musician's skills depend on the quality of used MIDI file.

As you know, the GM system allows a composer or arranger to "violate" the abilities of a real instrument. For example, a low Fretless Bass timbre can be used for a solo in the 6th octave or for 20 simultaneously sounding notes, or you can make glass bells sound in a very low register, which is impossible for these instruments in real life. Thus, a MIDI score can sufficiently differ from the one for the real instruments. And though such violations allow expanding the sound palette of a GM Synth, they have no physical sense in case of visualization. So if the instrument animated by our Visuoke musician doesn't sound very natural, this is the fault of the specific MIDI song's author, who used this Patch not taking into account the nature of the instrument or the peculiarities of playing it.