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  Jasmine Music Technology announces the release of JMT Orchestrator 2.1
June, 2004





Finally advanced technologies of musical object morphing, developed and used in Onyx Arranger, are available in JMT Orchestrator - a powerful auto-arranger MIDI FX Plug-in for SONAR and Cubase, which has all you need to create a professional arrangement or a full song in your favorite sequencer.

JMT Orchestrator Highlights

Its flexible real-time control of MIDI data generation combines great functionality for professionals with real simplicity for amateur musicians.

You may have as many styles per song as you want. JMT Orchestrator makes use of the same Onyx Arranger 2.1 Styles - up to 10 tracks and 16 measure length and created from ready MIDI files. These styles were made using well-done world hits, preserving all original performance nuances, and also preprocessed using Performance Modeling technology.

The generation of accompaniment follows any chord progressions in common or even in a different meter. These progressions can be created from up to 100 chord types, 5 music scales and up to 1/8 note step. Previously saved Chord Progression can be opened for use.

Moreover, the accompaniment can be generated in many different ways, e.g. by choosing used measures of the initial pattern, by flexible fill inserting, by independent for every track of the style chord steps shifting and by choosing Morphing modes, independent for every track.

And finally, JMT Orchestrator 2.1 is a superb accompanist for your music trainings, no matter what you do - play guitar, sax, keyboards, drums or sing, because it provides you with a high quality background in any Key and Chord Progression and meter using a texture of well-done world hits.

In addition to 500 royalty-free Orchestrator styles 500 more are available for extra charge.

Minimum system requirements:
Same as for SONAR and Cubase.

Pricing and Availability

JMT Orchestrator 2.1 has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $49 U.S.
Separate OOStyle Sets ##06-10 for JMT Orchestrator 2.1 have MSRP of $99
JMT Orchestrator 2.1 plus OOStyle Sets ##06-10 has MSRP of $133 ($15 0ff!)

For more information, visit us on the web at www.jasminemusic.com/jmt_orch.htm
or call Toll Free: 888-GET-ONYX (888-438-6699)