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  Onyx 2.0 - new intelligent sequencer/arranger
August, 2003





Artificial intelligence for fast and perfect music making

Jasmine Music Technology announces its flagship product - Onyx 2.0, an intelligent sequencer/arranger, which is intended to add creativity, professionalism and speed to music creation.

For more than 20 years there have been only sequencers for midi editing - programs that deal with elementary events like notes and controllers. But communicating with each other, musicians use such high-level concepts as key/scale, tune, chord, pattern and manner of playing - something that sequencers fail to "understand" completely.

Now things have changed. Onyx 2.0 operates not only with notes, but with musical objects which have certain properties - harmony type, performance manner, instruments, meter etc. Of course, these features can be adjusted in a wide range of parameters. Musical objects can be morphed one with another. All that saves an impressive amount of time (pro quality arrangement can be done in just a few minutes!) and provides the musician with incredible opportunities for music creation.

Onyx confidently creates musical objects (named OOStyles - Onyx Orchestrator Styles) from ready midi-files or recorded fragments. This allows the musician to create a song from 2-3 slices (for example, a verse and a refrain) He or she just has to specify some crucial parameters, and the program does the rest.

Onyx Musical Object Morphing (MOM) technology is able to make any song sound in the manner of any other song (e.g. Jingle Bells in Metallica's style). It is possible to change the harmony, tune, style, performing manner, even the rhythm and meter of a style in any way you like. Or to keep them as they are - in this case they will be preserved to the smallest detail - volume, pitch and even tempo nuances.

JMT experts have collected harmonization rules for the majority of musical styles and genres. This resulted in Intelligent Auto-Harmony (IAH), used in Onyx 2.0. The program offers a choice of professional, competent harmonization variants for your melody. IAH technology expands possibilities of a musician, not limiting him at all. Onyx knows more than 100 (!) types of chords and is able to use them quite competently. Just give orders about genres.

Despite of plentiful innovations, Onyx is on purpose arranged as a conventional sequencer or a multitrack editor. It comes complete with all the familiar tracks, clips and effects (of course, powerful and fast-working midi-effects are included in the package!). Onyx has all sequencer functions that a common computer musician is already used to. However, its main advantage is that of an intelligent auto-arranger. There is everything for fast music creation of professional quality - and this is what distinguishes Onyx from other commercial auto-arrangers in the market. Finally, Onyx is an excellent assistant for music training in harmonies, accompaniment rules and arrangement.

We are happy to give musicians the tool they deserve, at last. In further development we plan to enhance our technologies and FX's; add audio and support of DXi, VST instruments.

Onyx 2.0 Features


  • Tracks, measures, notes, events editing

  • Bank/Patch selection, Volume, Pan, Key+, Time+, Vel+, Mute/Solo control

  • Volume and Pan envelopes drawing

  • Record/Play/Loop functions

  • MIDI FXs that work very fast

  • Multi-port MIDI Output


  • Choose OOStyle at any measure in a song

  • Any number of OOStyles in any order

  • Independent generation of arrangement modes for each style

  • Flexible OOStyle structure and fill control, measures can be placed in the order you wish

  • Meter transformation (for example, 3/4 -> 7/8 and vice-versa)

  • Unlimited number of Orchestrator panes for assigned styles

  • Manual tempo/meter adjustment to fit OOStyle into a song (if it is necessary)

  • Additional enhancement tools - Score Morpher, Score Adjuster for each melodic track, and Drum Converter for Drum track

  • Fine adjustment of the morphing process in the Time / Velocity Modes dialog


  • Recognition of Key/Scale and search for the best harmony sequences

  • Indication of qualitative estimations of the created chord progressions

  • Automatic creation of the chord progressions in any key of user's choice

  • Choice of harmonization style according to genre (Jazz, Pop, Classic, etc.) in 5 basic scales - Major, Minor, Blues Major, Blues Minor, Gypsy

  • Flexible harmonization algorithm with controllable settings

  • Factory and user presets

Song Manager

  • Select chords from a comprehensive list (Associated, Inversions, Limited, Any Chords - total number of more than 100 types) and input chords from PC keyboard with time snap from one measure to 1/8 note

  • Indication if the chord doesn't not belong to the chosen (or recognized) Key/Scale

  • Flexible editing of the chord progression

  • Harmony is always appropriate for any meter

  • Save and load chord progression at any measure in a song preserving initial meter or transform into the current one

  • Select OOStyles from a list

  • Chain together any number of OOStyles into a song

  • Markers, Lyrics insert and drag-and-drop editing

StyleMaker Mode

  • Open & select part of midi file to create an OOStyle

  • Edit parameters in Piano-Poll view

  • Use Event Filter, Quantizer, Controller Adjuster, Drum Adjuster, Time-Pitch Adjuster and Performance Modeler tools independently for each track for editing

  • Automatic Track Type recognition (Bass, Chords, Pedal, Tune, Drums, Ef)

  • Process raw or edited data and save as an OOStyle

  • StyleMaker Assistant for step by step support

Main and Orchestrator Tracks

  • Each track can be assigned Performance Modeler, Controller Adjuster, Quantizer, Drum Adjuster or Event Filter independently as MIDI FX or applied as a tool. Time/Pitch Adjuster might be applied only as a tool for Main Track pane

  • Clip editing flexibility for Orchestrator tracks including time overlapping between assigned styles

  • MIDI FX Chain editing of each track

  • Each track has the following controls: Mute/Solo, Patch Change. Bank Change, Volume, Panning, etc

  • Main and Orchestrator Track Manager settings

Real-time MIDI Processing and off-line tools

  • Event Filter

  • Quantizer

  • Modeler

  • Controller Adjuster

  • Drum Adjuster

  • Time/Pitch Adjuster (applying as off-line tool only)

Additional Views, Tools and Options

  • Piano Roll

  • Event List view

  • Tempo view

  • Meter view

  • SysEx view

  • Big Chords view

  • Auto Track Type definition

  • Chords Audition MIDI data rendering

  • Orchestrator Tracks rendering

OOStyle Sets

  • 100 OOStyles included in Onyx basic package and 400 OOStyles are available for free download from our site. Additional style sets will be announced. Users are free to trade OOStyles created by them

PMStyle Sets

  • The Onyx 2.0 uses PMStyles Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 with special Onyx 2.0 edition. More than 100 PMStyles are included in the Onyx 2.0. Additional Styles Sets, grouped by instruments, are available for purchase

Minimum system requirements

  • 500 Mhz processor, Windows-compatible sound card, 128 MB RAM, 30 MB hard-disk space for program installation, Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP

Web site: http://www.jasminemusic.com
E-mail: info@jasminemusic.com