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On this page you can find MIDI-files - GM, XG and Yamaha MU100R (XG+VL voice) songs composed with the help of Style Enhancer. Songs, as a rule, have SE processed tracks only, and source material is not included. The files can be reproduced by any GM/GS/XG devices, or any other MIDI instruments. When your instrument does not support GM or XG mode it is desirable to assign similar voices. However, different synth devices have essential differences in sounding even for one mode, for example GM. It becomes most appreciable with active use of controllers, as in SE examples. Therefore most adequate playback of GM and XG SE examples is achievable with use of Yamaha XG portable instruments or its soft-synth analogue.

Almost all songs are composed (or arranged) by Alexei Ustinov, JMT research team leader, with the purpose of showing the possibilities of the Performance Modeling technology. Some of feedback mails, received by the author, you can see below.

  GM     XG     XG+VL     Song name     Comments  
      -     -     Don't Call Me Now.mid [27KB]     Composed by Leonid Rikh.  
      -     -     Cm7 Mood.mid [83KB]     Composed by Leonid Rikh.  
      -     -     Happy Days.mid [50KB]     Composed by Leonid Rikh.  
      -     -     Father's Message.mid [97KB]     Composed by Leonid Rikh.  
      -     -     Zero to Energy.mid [97KB]     Composed by Leonid Rikh.  
      -     -     Let's Jam a Jazz.mid [30KB]     Composed by Leonid Rikh.  
        -     -     Happy [75,2KB]     Composed by Ravi Dattatreya. Arranged by Alexei Ustinov.  
        -     -     I'm Able to Fly [57,1KB]     Composed by Nataly Grigoryeva.  
        -     -     Mallika [71,3KB]     Composed by Ravi Dattatreya. Arranged by Alexei Ustinov.  
      -     -     Ocean [35,6KB]     Composed by Nataly Grigoryeva.  
        -     -     Rising Star [134KB]     Composed by Ravi Dattatreya. Arranged by Alexei Ustinov.  
        -     -     Sad Mondays [107KB]     Composed by Ravi Dattatreya. Arranged by Alexei Ustinov.  
        -     -     Song of Snow [95,3KB]     Composed by Ravi Dattatreya. Arranged by Alexei Ustinov.  
        -     -     The Elements [53,7KB]     Composed by Nataly Grigoryeva.  
      -     -     Woodoo [68KB]     Composed by Nataly Grigoryeva.  
                Stranger in the Park [188KB]     Composed by Ravi Dattatreya. Arranged by Alexei Ustinov.  
              Another Woman [84,2KB]     Arranged by A.Ustinov. Author unknown.  
              Don't Say Farewell to Beloved [61,4KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
      -     -     Dreams About Bekma River [34,5KB]     Composed by Im Gin Sik. Arranged by A.Ustinov.  
  -     -         My City [22KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
          -     One Step Between Love and Hatred [96,7KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
          -     Oriental Bazaar [109KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
              She Could Change Nothing [109KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
              Siberian Dreams about Spain [67,6KB]     Composed by V.Shilov/A.Ustinov.  
  -     -         Simple Bossa-Nova HV [76,5KB]     Composed by V.Shilov/M.Tonchev/A.Ustinov.  
          -     Slavonic Soul [79,6KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
          -     Song for Rita Rebany Birthday [17,1KB]     Composed by Leonid Rikh.  
              Spring in Alaska [46,8KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
              Time of Parting Conversation [114KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
              To Helen About Helen [116KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
  -     -         Troiza [88KB]     Composed by T.Makarova/A.Ustinov.  
  -     -         West and East [64,6KB]     Composed by A.Ustinov.  
              XG Shamanism [127KB]     Composed by Leonid Rikh. The piece is Winner of 97 competition.  

With most web browsers, you can download by clicking on the link(s) shown. If your browser does not offer a "Save As" dialog, try right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" on the menu.

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